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Renowned Golf Architects

Gil Hanse and Jim Wagner


Soave Enterprises has been conducting due diligence on a plan to construct a private golf club on the property just east of Kalea Bay. If these discussions can be concluded in the next few months, the golf course could open as soon as late third quarter 2024.

Renowned golf course architect Gil Hanse and his partner Jim Wagner have agreed to lead this project, which will be known as Kinsale Golf Club. Their work includes some of the most iconic golf courses both in the United States and around the world, including Winged Foot Golf Club (2020 US Open), Merion Golf Club, Oakland Hills Country Club, Quaker Ridge Golf Club, Castle Stuart Golf Links, Los Angeles Country Club (2023 US Open), Fishers Island Club and Streamsong Black to name a few.

This course will be playable for all levels of golfers. It will meander through pines, cypress heads and undergrowth of various indigenous plants. The club will have limited memberships available and we’re thrilled to engage one of the great architects to develop a world-class golf course in a truly outstanding location.

We are focused on developing one of the truly great golf experiences in Southwest Florida.

Hanse Golf Course Design work
at Ohoopee Match Club Hole #17*

Hanse Golf Course Design work
at Sleepy Hollow Hole #16*

Hanse Golf Course Design work
at Pinehurst #4 Hole #11*

*These inspirational photos are being used solely for the purpose of representing the Hanse Golf Course Design natural architectural style. The actual hole designs will not be incorporated in the final routing at Kinsale Golf Club.”

Clubhouse Renderings

*Golf course design in clubhouse photo is conceptual only.

Design and Building Updates

Stay Up to Date With Our Progress

November 2022

Kinsale Golf Club November 2022 / Membership Documents & Clubhouse Design Update

We hope this email finds you well. As the temperatures cool off for our northern friends, we look forward to welcoming many of you back to Naples this fall.

October has been a testament to the resiliency of the Southwest Florida landscape. Everyday, things are looking a little cleaner and a little greener since Hurricane Ian passed over the area. It’s clear that Florida favors its local flora and fauna, and its part of the reason we are so pleased Gil Hanse and Jim Wagner have chosen a course design that embraces the local landscape and enhances what has stood the test of time (and hurricanes) for so many years. We remain very excited about the ongoing discussions with Hanse Golf Course Design and look forward to delivering a course that is iconic and timeless.

As a team, we continue to work through all the preconstruction activity associated with Kinsale, including permitting, final course and clubhouse designs and architecture. Since our last update, we have selected Jim Nordlie of Archiventure Group as the clubhouse architect and finalized a conceptual design for the club.

Kinsale aspires to create a tasteful and understated atmosphere for our members and their guests. The clubhouse design immediately sets the expectation that our priority is the golf experience. Members will be able to view 6 holes from the comfort of the indoor-outdoor bar, dining area, or outdoor patios. Many of the staples you are familiar with will of course be present: locker rooms and lounge/dressing areas, golf shop and offices, and bag storage. But Kinsale shines by continuously prioritizing the golf experience. Private meeting rooms will be available to accommodate your foursome for lunch, and everything down to the ease with which your guests drop off their bag has been considered. While our first priority has always been a great experience on the course, we will be ready to welcome you for a drink at our indoor-outdoor bar – did we mention is it is mere steps from the 18th green?

With these points in mind, we are excited to share the first exterior renderings of the clubhouse. Inspired by Dutch-West Indies architecture, the facility highlights the timeless setting Kinsale offers. We know that this clubhouse will serve as backdrop for many victories and defeats, and trust it will be a sanctuary for all who enter.

As a final note, we plan to send the Membership Documents and payment information for the non-refundable deposits later this month.

We remain committed to our vision to create the preeminent golf club in Southwest Florida. We are a golf club—nothing more or less—that exists for the enjoyment of its members and their guests. This club was formed not only for the love of the game, but out of an understanding, appreciation, and respect for the traditions, rules and honorable nature embodied within it.

We are very excited about the progress of Kinsale Golf Club and hope you are as well.

October 2022

In the aftermath of Hurricane Ian, our hearts go out to everyone in the Southwest Florida community impacted by this catastrophic storm. We hope any of you, your friends and family that are in the area are safe and sound.

We just wanted to quickly reach out to let you know that Hurricane Ian isn’t changing our plans with moving forward on Kinsale Golf Club. Most of our current activity centers around design, engineering and permitting which isn’t directly impacted by the storm. With that said, we expect resources supporting these activities will have conflicting priorities during the recovery and rebuild process.

As we navigate through these steps we will keep you updated on any developments or planning changes as we learn more.

July 2022

The Kinsale Club Leadership Team continues to work through all the activity associated with Kinsale Club, including permitting, site design, clubhouse architecture, and construction costs. While we have a lot of work ahead of us we wanted to provide some insights on where we stand with the golf course design.

Discussions with Gil Hanse and Jim Wagner outlined a few but important words describing what we were looking for: a golf course that would be fun, interesting and understated. Understated will be a key part of the Kinsale Club experience, including the clubhouse, earthworks, landscaping, and ambiance. The course will have a patina appearance right at opening, will feel beautifully aged, and the out of play areas will suggest a genteel, natural, left–to-themselves quality.

The website has been updated with the latest Design Plan from Gil and Jim. Compared to the previous routing plan, this latest version includes a detailed bunkering plan plus more insight for the green complexes. It’s exciting to watch their course design take shape

Gil and Jim have decided to use C.B. Macdonald and Seth Raynor as inspiration for their design of the course. Macdonald and Raynor were two of the most iconic architects in early American golf design known for incorporating template holes into their golf courses.

Template holes are specific design features that Macdonald found while studying golf course design in the British Isles. He identified 20 different “model holes” that Macdonald believed would be fun and playable for both the beginner and the expert golfer.

Macdonald realized the best courses (like the Old Course at St. Andrews, Prestwick and North Berwick) used a variety of these holes, which we now refer to as template holes. Both National Golf Links (ranked #4*) and Chicago Golf Club (ranked #14*) are Macdonald/Raynor designs that incorporate “templates holes.” Both masterpieces are recognized as two of the top courses in the world.

Gil and Jim’s design plan will include creative “twists” on some of these great template holes. As they told us, “we don’t want people to think we are building exact replications.”

Iconic template holes interpreted through the eyes of Gil Hanse and Jim Wagner will provide the membership with an interesting, playable and enjoyable golf experience in the years ahead.

*GOLF 2020-2021 Top 100 Courses in the U.S.


Kinsale Golf Club is the preeminent golf club in Southwest Florida. At its core is a golf club—nothing more or less—that exists for the enjoyment of its members and their guests.

This club was formed not only for the love of the game, but out of an understanding, appreciation, and respect for the traditions, rules and honorable nature embodied within it.

“We’re excited to be working with the Soave Team and being afforded the opportunity to create something unique for Naples, Florida. The project goal is to use our natural, classic design philosophy to enhance the beauty of the Kinsale Golf Club property while building a fun and interesting golf challenge for players of all skill levels.”

– Gil Hanse & Jim Wagner, Hanse Golf Course Design


The following questions and answers are designed to provide an understanding of Kinsale Golf Club and the membership opportunity available at the Club. As these questions and answers are only summary in nature, you should refer to the Membership Plan for Kinsale Golf Club and the ancillary governing documents prior to completing your acquisition of a membership in the Club. Dated as of June 27, 2022.


What is the Club?

The Club is being established to provide an extraordinary golf experience to its members, who share an unmatched love and appreciation for the game and prioritize their expectations accordingly.  The Club is, by definition, a true golf club and its amenities are strictly geared to embracing the goal of an exceptional game of golf.

What is the Club?

The Club is being established to provide an extraordinary golf experience to its members, who share an unmatched love and appreciation for the game and prioritize their expectations accordingly.  The Club is, by definition, a true golf club and its amenities are strictly geared to embracing the goal of an exceptional game of golf.

What amenities and features will be part of the Club?

Currently, the plans for the Club include an 18-hole golf course, driving range, teaching area, short game area and putting green, and clubhouse (the “Club Facilities”). Initial designs for the clubhouse contemplate a minimalist, but elegant style, with daily dining service for breakfast, lunch and beverages. The clubhouse is not anticipated to be open for dinner service.

How many members will be permitted to join the Club?

The Club is currently intended to allow no more than 250 active, dues paying members at any one time.

Will individuals have to apply for membership?

Yes. Prospective members will have to go through an application process and will be subject to approval.

Will the golf course be open year-round?

We anticipate opening the course for play in early October through the early part of June (the “Golf Season”). The Club Facilities will be closed during the summer to perform annual maintenance and keep our course in pristine condition.

How many days a week will the Club Facilities be open for member use?

The plan is to operate the Club Facilities 7 days a week during the Golf Season. 


Who is designing the golf course?
We’re thrilled to announce that renowned golf course architect Gil Hanse and his partner, Jim Wagner have agreed to lead this project.
Who is designing the golf course?

We are thrilled to announce that renowned golf course architect Gil Hanse and his partner, Jim Wagner, have agreed to lead the design team.

What type of golf course will Gil and Jim be creating?

Our world-class course will be walkable and feature an organic design that respects and highlights the nature of the site. Players will meander through pines, cypress heads and undergrowth of various indigenous plants and bushes. Further details will be shared when they are available.

Has the routing plan been determined yet?

The conceptual routing plan has been established, with the final design anticipated to be completed by September 2022.


When will you start selling memberships?
The plan is to start taking reservations for membership in March 2022.
Who will own the Club Facilities?

The Club Facilities will be owned and operated by an affiliate of Soave Enterprises, Kinsale Golf Club L.L.C., a Michigan limited liability company d/b/a Kinsale Golf Club.

When will you start accepting applications and reservations for memberships?

We anticipate accepting reservations for membership in March 2022.

What is the cost to acquire a membership?

Each person who acquires a membership will be required to pay a refundable membership deposit which may be increased from time to time by Club Sponsor.  This amount is subject to sales tax if applicable.  The first 250 members will be entitled to receive a refund in the amount of the membership deposit actually paid, without interest, 30 years following the date the member joined the Club.

Is there any cost associated with a reservation for membership?

Yes.   Applicants who have been accepted for membership will need to pay a refundable reservation deposit of $50,000 to hold their eligibility for membership. In the summer of 2023, if a Membership Agreement is fully executed, an additional payment of $50,000 will be required, and the combined payments ($100,000) will be converted and applied toward the membership deposit.  The balance will be due 45 days before the course opens for member play, currently anticipated to be in the fall of 2024.

What are annual dues?

The initial annual dues will be approximately $20,000, plus applicable sales tax. Dues will be paid annually prior to the start of each Golf Season.

This is a general description of the membership program at Kinsale Golf Club and should not be relied on for the purpose of deciding whether to become a member.  For complete details, please refer to the Membership Plan Documents.  All items, costs, benefits and charges are subject to change without notice.



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We are an intentionally small firm, dedicated to the proposition that golf courses are designed, restored and renovated in the field as opposed to solely on the drawing board. Formed in 1993 by founder Gil Hanse, who was joined in 1995 by partner Jim Wagner, Hanse Golf Course Design has patiently nurtured its reputation and its craft to arrive at a position of designing and restoring some of the finest golf courses in the world.

Hanse Golf Course Design Philosophy

  • True artistry can be found in the fine lines of a pen and ink drawing or the rugged lines of a bunker edge. Our palette has upon it an abundance and variety of plants, grasses, and landforms, which provide our designs with unmatched textures, colors, and character.
  • Nature is a complex system subject to human influences and interpretation. We look to nature for inspiration, but have confidence that our golf courses are not merely a replication of nature but a work of art clearly reflecting human influence.
  • Our hands on commitment extends to hands on the equipment, whether it be a bulldozer or a shovel. We personally shape and finish every green and bunker on our golf courses. We have the calluses to prove it.
  • Traditional golf courses focus first and foremost on the player and his or her experiences on the course.
  • Pride in one’s work is manifested through the details and final touches. We provide a level of detail and subtlety to our work that is unsurpassed in the profession.
  • We create courses that are simple and elegant in appearance, yet sophisticated in strategy and design.
  • Our designs will not become repetitive. Every golf course site is unique and different; our designs reflect that individuality.






Over the course of 25 years in Naples, the Soave Real Estate team has earned a reputation as a trusted developer who considers every detail and delivers on every promise. Lifetime friends and partners, Anthony Soave and Richard Corace share a true sense of responsibility to the land – and to the people who live there. Together, they’ve developed some of the most exceptional real estate developments in Southwest Florida.

Previous developments include:


Soave Enterprises: Over the past five decades, Soave Enterprises has succeeded through investing in well-run companies and providing them with the tools to further enhance their businesses. We believe it’s important to look beyond traditional performance metrics.

From the start, Soave Enterprises has been defined by its entrepreneurial culture. The company was founded in 1961, by Detroit native Anthony Soave. From its humble beginnings, the company soon grew into one of the largest and most respected multi-state waste management and environmental services groups in the industry.

Over the decades, Soave Enterprises has strategically entered, and in a few cases exited, a number of industries – from luxury condominiums along Florida’s coast, to Chicago-area Budweiser distributorships, Midwestern metals recycling operations, Kansas City-based Mercedes-Benz retailers and a master-planned residential community near Washington, DC.

Current holdings also encompass a prized collection of real estate investments, industrial services and facility management companies, as well as hydroponic greenhouse operations.

Today, Soave Enterprises holds interests in a diversified portfolio of companies, which collectively generate annual sales in excess of $1.8 billion. We specialize in identifying and growing business potential, leveraging management strengths and financial resources to strengthen the businesses we acquire. With roots firmly planted in Southeast Michigan, we continue to build on our legacy of community support, as we believe that the health of the business sector is fundamentally connected to the health of its community.



Soave’s residential background has roots not only in Southwest Florida, but Eastern Michigan and Virginia, where the company’s Brambleton community has consistently ranked in the top 10 Planned Unit Developments (PUDs) in the country.


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